Slot antenna with improved bandwidth

By Mark Zuckerberg

In this paper, we design and simulation of an improved bandwidth V-slotted Patch Antenna for WiMAX which is operated for WLAN applications is used as a based model. It is proposed that by the use of the corner truncated patch scheme we can widen the operational bandwidth of the antenna and can achieve

A one-dimensional (1-D) electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) resonator antenna with both high gain and wide radiation bandwidth is described. The use of dual resonators in combination with an array of sources leads to a dramatic increase in the radiation bandwidth of the antenna. Bandwidth Enhancement for Microstrip Patch Antenna Using… The bandwidth has improved by adding stacked patch and adding a slot in the ground plane. The paper is divided as: section two, presents theIn order to improve the impedance bandwidth performance for the antenna, a 10mm by 10mm slot has been placed on the ground plane under the... A 2.4 GHz Microstrip Patch Antenna with a Single Slot… for enhancing Bandwidth that improves. the performance of a conventional. microstrip patch antenna is proposed.. IV.CONCLUSION In this paper a novel slot antenna with single-Sub structure, single slot and single frequency operation has been presented. Improve Bandwidth of Microstrip slotted Patch Antenna… Microstrip antenna with DGS will improved return loss, VSWR and provides higher bandwidth overcoming the limitations of conventionalProposed antenna design. A square shaped two slot as shown in Fig.3 is cut in ground plane of reference MSPA to improve its characteristics.

A compact open-slot antenna for bandwidth enhancement is presented. Multiple resonances are generated by using an asymmetrical rectangular patch with the U

IMPROVED DUAL BAND-NOTCHED UWB SLOT AN- TENNA WITH CONTROLLABLE... bandwidth of the antenna 3 can be efiectively adjusted by changing the position g33 and width W33 of the embedding strip. 2.3. Improved Single Band-notched UWB Antenna Design Three band-notched UWB slot antennas have been described to reduce the interference from the existing narrow communication systems. Defense Technical Information Center Compilation Part Notice Abstract: A novel approach is presented to improve the bandwidth of slot antennas. The technique is based on manipulating the field distribution along an ordinary resonant slot structure using the feed line and creating a dual resonance behavior. Hence without changing the length of the antenna

a circular patch antenna having U-slot 6. A semi-circular slot antenna with a protruded small rectangular slot was excited by a 50 ohm microstrip line 7 to achieve broadband performance. Krishna et al. 8 reported the improved bandwidth design of a compact dual band slot loaded circular microstrip antenna with a superstrate.

Aug 18, 2011 · Abstract: A compact open-slot antenna for bandwidth enhancement is presented. Multiple resonances are generated by using an asymmetrical rectangular patch with the U-shaped open-slot structure. Two bevels are cut on the patch to improve the impedance matching. Printed Wide-Slot Antenna Design with Bandwidth and Gain Feb 13, 2014 · This paper presents a printed wide-slot antenna design and prototyping on available low-cost polymer resin composite material fed by a microstrip line with a rotated square slot for bandwidth enhancement and defected ground structure for gain enhancement. An I-shaped microstrip line is used to excite the square slot. A Bandwidth Improved Circular Polarized Slot Antenna Using A circular polarized (CP) slot antenna is designed with a slot composed of multiple circular sectors (MCS). The design has advantages of having a wide 3 dB axial ratio (AR) bandwidth of 57.4%, achieving a good AR smaller than 2 dB in most areas of the frequency range. The design of the antenna follows a multi-objective optimization procedure that applies computational power rather than human Design of a novel bandwidth-enhanced double-slot TSA and The paper proposed a double-slot Vivaldi antenna, the impedance bandwidth has been significantly improved, the fractional bandwidth of the antenna reached 142%. But the bandwidth of the gain more than 10 dB is only from 5 GHz to 15 GHz. In this paper, a modified tapered slot antenna with double-slot structure, is proposed.

As the important part of the UWB systems, the antenna has received increased attention due to its impedance bandwidth, simple structure and omni-directional ...

Slot antenna Slot antenna with FSS (simulated).A second order, band pass frequency selective surface with large bandwidth combined with a wideband slot an-tenna has been studied and demonstrated successfully. Slotted UWB Antenna for Bandwidth and Gain Enhancement Capability of operating over wide frequency bands and good radiation characteristics lead to choosing a rectangular radiation patch as a basic structure of the slot antenna. Modifications have been applied to the radiation patch to manage the current distribution in order to achieve a wide bandwidth. Implementation of rectangular slit-inserted ultra-wideband… In this paper, a tapered slot antenna is designed and proposed. The antenna has a 3 dB beam width, high gain, and directive characteristics, which are appropriate for reducing the area of the antenna and for location recognition. The bandwidth was improved by inserting rectangular slits in the radiator of... Enhanced bandwidth slotted microstrip patch antenna enhancing the bandwidth of antenna is proposed. This paper includes a wideband inverted slotted microstrip patch antenna fed by microstrip transmission lineBy incorporating extra E shape slots in radiating edges, the gain and cross-polarization has been improved. These techniques offer easy...